Seaquaria in Schools

Bringing the Ocean into Schools… and Schools to the Ocean!

Seaquaria brings local marine life into the classroom to let students get up close and personal with some of their aquatic neighbours. Our goal is to build a society that cares about the environment both emotionally and in practice, and to provide the basis for enduring learning skills in an ever-changing world.

The Seaquaria in Schools program places permanent saltwater aquaria in elementary, middle and secondary schools aross British Columbia  to bring captivating, ever-changing marine ecosystems into our students' everyday lives.

As students care for these ecosystems and participate in hands-on activities and curriculum-linked programming, they build an understanding and respect for the organisms, develop strong stewardship skills, and become critical thinkers. They also become educators themselves when they talk to their parents, siblings and friends about their discoveries in the Seaquarium.

As well as fostering environmental awareness, engagement, respect and stewardship, Seaquaria in Schools also optimizes multi-disciplinary learning between teachers, students, and the community. The Seaquaria are also very effective in fostering a passion for learning and critical thinking with students.

WestWind SeaLab Supplies created and helps to manage the program, with over 35 schools and community centres currently involved across BC, 21 of which are on southern Vancouver Island. Field components and liaison with other education programs have been built by WestWind through collaboration with teachers and the SeaChange Marine Conservation Society.

This project also builds teaching resource materials and creates an environmental education network to enable the broader application and development of the Seaquaria program and foster its integration with other related environmental education programs. For teaching resources that have been created and used by Seaquaria teachers, check out the link below!

Seaquaria in Schools has also facilitated many workshops for teachers and public educators, which gathers information and resources that can be used in the classroom and beyond! 




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In Class Demonstrations

The Seaquaria in Schools team also can come in to do a program in class with your students!! Your class will rotate through different stations with a variety of animals to touch, observe, and illustrate. What a neat experience! 


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