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Sierra Club BC In-school Education Programs

Our team offers environmental education programs for grade k-8 classrooms across B.C.  We visit over 150 classes a year, prioritizing wait-listed classes the following school year. All of our programs are free-of-cost. We encourage a suggested donation of $50.00 per classroom to help us keep this incredible program up and running!



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CRD K-7 Rainwater and Watersheds Lesson Plans and Activities (with Ollie the Otter)

Raise awareness about local rainwater and watersheds in the capital region and empower students to protect our local waterways, ocean and environment with this learning resource. K-7 Rainwater and Watersheds Lesson Plans and Activities (PDF) is a local place-based learning resource specific to communities in the capital region (southern Vancouver Island).  

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CRD Watershed Stewardship and Ollie the Otter Video Series

Two short video series about watershed stewardship, one for children and the other for general public. Videos highlight topics such as, what is a watershed and how does it function, how have we changed our watersheds and watershed stewardship tips for children, residents and business. 

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Integrating Environmental Education into the BC Science Curriculum

On Sept 4th 2015, World Fisheries Trust, Royal BC Museum, and Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation hosted a workshop for educators from Vancouver Island and the lower mainland to discuss ways to deliver environmental education in the new 2015 BC Science Curriculum. Over the course of the day, educators from across the province took part in a number of activities that focused on incorporating environmental education into the new 2015 science curriculum. 

Tapestry Conference


Friday, February 19, 2016 -
8:00am to 2:30pm

Tapestry Conference 2016 offers a wide variety of educational experiences for teachers, students and passionate people whom are interested in furthering their learning, both inside and outside of the classroom! There are over 40 workshops being offered throughout the day, including the fantastic Keynote Speaker, Eddy Robinson.

Breakfast and lunch are being provided by Chef Aris and the Esquimalt High Culinary Arts students. Thank-you!!

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Pedder Bay Field Trip Program

Each fall, Rocky Point Bird Observatory studies passerine (songbird) migration from a publically-accessible bird banding station at the Pedder Bay Resort and Marina in Metchosin.  The accessibility of this site offers excellent opportunities for community education.  We have developed a field trip program, generally designed at a middle school level, which allows students to witness long-term scientific monitoring in action through a field trip to our Pedder Bay banding station.  The program includes a visit to the banding station, a bird walk, and a chance to examine preserv



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