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CRD K-7 Rainwater and Watersheds Lesson Plans and Activities (with Ollie the Otter)

Raise awareness about local rainwater and watersheds in the capital region and empower students to protect our local waterways, ocean and environment with this learning resource. K-7 Rainwater and Watersheds Lesson Plans and Activities (PDF) is a local place-based learning resource specific to communities in the capital region (southern Vancouver Island).  

Ollie the Otter the CRD Watershed Warden program (lesson plans, videos & badge program) is comprised of tools for children, families and educators to learn about your watershed and suggested watershed stewardship actions.

Supporting Resources:

Watch Videos: Ollie the Otter's Guide to Watershed Stewardship (grade K-4)
Watch Videos: Watershed Stewardship Playlist (grade 5 to general audience)
How to earn your Ollie the Otter Watershed Warden Badge
Look Inside a Watershed...It's All Connected! (download PDF or contact us for copies)
Watershed maps and more!



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