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Georgia Strait Alliance


For  over 25 years, Georgia Strait Alliance has been an effective voice for communities who care about the waters of Georgia Strait and all the creatures that call it home.  We are that voice because we collaborate with individuals, businesses and government to achieve:


to protect and restore the marine environment and promoting the sustainability of Georgia Strait, its adjoining waters, and communities.

Goldstream Nature House Spring Programs 2016

Grades K/1  1.5 hours $125+GST per class up to 25 students, $5/additional
    Senses, observations, local plants & animals, compare/describe
Bodacious Bugs! What’s a bug?  Find out as we inspect the insects of the area and learn some nifty sampling and ID techniques. 
Slug Shuffle Join us as we “break-it-down” with one of our favourite decomposers– the slug!



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Goldstream Nature House and RLC Park Services


The Goldstream Nature House is located in Goldstream Provincial Park on South Vancouver Island.  It has a rich history of offering nature-based education programs for all ages.  The Goldstream Nature House operates without government funding, using a combination of fundraising, donations, community sponsors and partnerships to keep its doors open. RLC Park Services believes that nature experiences are vital to the health of our children and is committed to keeping these opportunities available to all children.

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