Gulf Islands


Georgia Strait Alliance


Our mission is to protect and restore the marine environment and promote the sustainability of the Strait of Georgia, its adjoining waters, and communities. Our approach is to work collaboratively with communities and across sectors to find long term, evidence based solutions to our region's most pressing marine and environmental issues.  

Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea


Connecting the public with the Salish Sea Bioregion and its ecosystems through engagement, knowledge and awareness, the Centre offers an interactive and informative experience of science and culture to young and old – welcoming 80,000 visitors a year. It is the only year-round aquarium and cultural centre on Vancouver Island dedicated exclusively to the Salish Sea Bioregion.

Saturna Island Marine Research and Education Society

SIMRES is a volunteer, non-profit organization bringing marine research and educational programs about the Salish Sea to Saturna Island.  We collaborate with students and experts in the field to support science and stewardship and to promote a deeper understanding of our fragile marine ecosystems.  All funding currently comes through local partner organizations, community donations and our events.


Our Mission:  To preserve and enhance the marine ecosystems of the Salish Sea.


Our Goals: 

Galiano Conservancy Association


The Galiano Conservancy has been providing outdoor education programs since 2001.  Groups and classes visit Galiano Island for one day field trips and multi-day camping excursions.  Through our programs, students are given basic ecological knowledge and engaged in an array of projects that may include active restoration, local food security at our food forest and garden site, geocache and navigation and an introduction to backpacking and hiking.  Some of our favourite activities are highlighted in the resources section of this website.

Georgia Strait Alliance


For  over 25 years, Georgia Strait Alliance has been an effective voice for communities who care about the waters of Georgia Strait and all the creatures that call it home.  We are that voice because we collaborate with individuals, businesses and government to achieve:


to protect and restore the marine environment and promoting the sustainability of Georgia Strait, its adjoining waters, and communities.

Stream to Sea

Learn more about your local streams and rivers as you study the Pacific Salmon.  A variety of activities and resources introduces students to life in freshwater ecosystems and offers practical ways for them to help conserve these valuable habitats.  As they learn more about the waterways in their community, a new sense of place will empower young citizens to become active stewards of these important places.



Activity type: 

Habitat Acquisition Trust


Habitat Acquisition Trust is a regional land trust that conserves nature on south Vancouver Island. We envision a future where the full array of natural habitats on south Vancouver Island and southern Gulf Islands is healthy and conserved.

There are five ways we work to achieve our vision:


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