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Learn more about your local streams and rivers as you study the Pacific Salmon.  A variety of activities and resources introduces students to life in freshwater ecosystems and offers practical ways for them to help conserve these valuable habitats.  As they learn more about the waterways in their community, a new sense of place will empower young citizens to become active stewards of these important places.

Online - For online Stream to Sea resources, go to DFO's Stream to Sea site. You can download curriculum, order brochures and other teaching materials, and learn how the Salmonids in the Classroom curriculum matches the new ELE framework. 

For all training opportunities and activities listed below, contact your Stream to Sea Education Coordinator for more information.

Classroom Incubation Program: Bring 120 litres of a local stream into your classroom. Observe freshwater stages of the Pacific Salmon's life cycle, then release your brood back to its native stream. In most cases, DFO provides technical support for your project. Some costs are involved.  

Salmonids in the Classroom: Looking for a theme that can be integrated across the curriculum? The original version of this resource was voted one of the BCTF's top 10 lesson aids. The update is even better, based on focus groups with BC teachers and field-tested by 116 teachers in BC and the Yukon. Beautiful illustrations, student worksheets and a “Home Connections” section are included in each unit. Clearly organized to accommodate lesson planning. 

Gently Down the Stream: Site-specific field study manual for local freshwater salmonid habitats - Reay, Tod, Goldstream, Colquitz and DeMamiel watersheds. Manual and annual in-service at no cost. 

Storm Drain Marking: Legal graffiti – students make their mark on local streets in the way of the well-known yellow fish. In a “throw away” society, what goes in the garbage or down the drain is no longer relevant. Or is it? The storm drain marking program provides students an opportunity to understand the urban storm sewer system and the negative impact of toxic wastes that enter watersheds via this system. Designed for intermediate grades and higher

Salmon Dissection In-Service: Annual after-school workshop. All District Resource Centres have dissection kits. Free in-service and everyone leaves with a dead fish!! 

Beach in A Box: This kit leads student and community groups through beach cleanups and related intertidal discovery activities.  The focus is on stewardship action and fun, making Beach In A Box the perfect resource to add to every educator’s toolkit.  Why not use the kit to lead your own cleanup as part of the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup each September (visit the internet at Outreach/ GBCBCU/ default.htm for details).

Curriculum In-Service: No-cost curriculum workshops.

Water Ship News: A variety of organizations and community groups offer specific watershed and environmental education programs in the Capital Regional District. 











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