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Our team offers environmental education programs for grade k-8 classrooms across B.C.  We visit over 150 classes a year, prioritizing wait-listed classes the following school year. All of our programs are free-of-cost. We encourage a suggested donation of $50.00 per classroom to help us keep this incredible program up and running!

Our programs run 90 minutes in length and take place, as much as possible, out of doors. Let us immerse you and your students in the nature of your school yard or nearby green-space. Read on to learn about our current program offerings and to register your class.

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Going Wild! workshops are all about people, plants and the ways that we interact. The program is based on the Going Wild! Educators Guidebook, developed in partnership with the Coastal First Nations Great Bear Initiative and Royal Roads University Centre for Non-Timber Forest Products.

Students get to know plants of their local environment and learn ways aboriginal and non-aboriginal cultures use and have used these plants. We challenge students to consider who we share our environment with. For older students, we tackle the concept of sustainability. What does sustainability mean? Can humans be part of sustainable relationships? We also lead activities that empower students to steward the natural environment. Learning objectives and approaches are linked to the new B.C. Curriculum for grades K-2, grades 3-5, and grades 6-8.

*Please note: Have you had this program before? We update the content of our workshops every year with new games and activities!

2. Nature and Climate: Biodiversity

This year’s Nature and Climate workshops are all about biodiversity!

Students learn about the importance of biodiversity first hand. We take students outside in the schoolyard or local park to explore adaptations, food webs and ecosystems, and conservation science. Learning objectives and approaches are linked to the new BC Curriculum for grades K-2, grades 3-5, and grades 6-8.




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301-2994 Douglas St
Victoria, BC V8T 4N4


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Lisa Dumoulin

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2503865255 x 245



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